IP Camera (LAN) Setup

5. Start your camera. NOTE: If your camera uses an ID/Password combination, viewers you share your camera with will need it!
6. Under the video playing on your logged in home page, find the text similar to "You're watching XXX XXX XXX - Click here to view your camera!":
Click the text where it says "Click here to view your camera!"
7. A new window will open and attempt to connect to your camera
8. If your home or office router is configured to let IN-BOUND connections to the TCP/IP port of your camera, you will see your camera's video
NOTE: Your home or office router must support Universal Plug-in Play (UPnP) for network devices
Without UPnP, consult your router's configuration manual on how to set up port forwarding.
**Paying customers can use SSH Tunnel with reverse port forwarding to workaround IN-BOUND restrictions
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